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WEDDING DATE: October 17, 2020 WEDDING VENUE: Topping Rose House, Bridgehampton NY

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Q&A with the bride, Samantha!

Favorite wedding gift you received?

This is a tough one! I truly loved everything I received so far! I went the non traditional route and picked very unique, statement pieces that I could use immediately to decorate my apartment but will also last a lifetime to display in my future home. But if I had to pick, the Hermes China will last you a life time and you can mix and match with your everyday plates.

Most used item you thought you didn't need?

The lucite menorah doubles as a decorative vase and you can replace the oil caps with mini flowers. It’s such a stunning versatile piece and you can use year round.

Did your fiancé have any input when it came to what you selected?

Ummmmmm I think I had the most involved fiance when it came to selecting items for our registry... just ask Tracy! We are both very particular when it comes to these things. He wants more practical items and I'm very bold with my choices. But in the end we curated a collection that was timeless, with an edge.

Favorite meal or holiday to entertain for?

I love Shabbat! It was a family tradition when I was younger and I hope to continue it with my family and friends.

Favorite recipe to cook for your now hubs?
Tuna Tartar with crispy rice! It's so good and so simple! 
Wedding related movie you watched on repeat during wedding planning?

Father of The Bride. I watch on repeat and cry every time 😂 

What was your first dance song?

Here On Out --Dave Matthews Band (Perry also proposed to me to this song!)

DJ or Band?


What do you wish you registered for that you didn't?

Definitely more serving and everyday pieces! 

Cook or order in (and what!)?

I try to cook as much as possible but Saturday’s we treat ourselves to a date night out.

Best piece of advice to a future couple planning during COVID-19. It’s easy for me to say this now, but trust me it took me many months to come to this realization. It’s so easy to get caught up in the small details and be overwhelmed by the situation and your surroundings. You dream of having a perfect wedding with all the traditional elements and events. But you realize the beauty of this situation is you can make your own rules and create new traditions and rewrite what a wedding means to you. In the end (and this may sound so cliche but it’s true) you have to remind yourself it’s about you and your husband and the love you have for eachother. If you want to be married just do it! You can plan all the other events later on! 

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