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WEDDING DATE: November 7, 2020 WEDDING VENUE: Four Seasons, Washington D.C.

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Q&A with the bride, Jennifer!

Favorite wedding gift you received?
- Nambe braided serving tray
- Hermes Mosaique au 24 Platinum Square Plate N.5
Most used item you thought you didn't need?
I didn't waste anytime donating our old kitchen-wares. We started using our beautiful new 'wares' from Juliksa right away. I love and use everything!!!
I didn't have nice serving platters before I became a Mrs.  I generally plated food straight from a heated pot on the stove!! I definitely use the Match - Convivio small oval platter and the Juliksa - Bilbao white truffle 17" platter more than I thought I would. As someone who enjoys cooking, it's simply a nicer way to present a meal.
Did your fiancé have any input when it came to what you selected?

Only a little. I cared if Adam liked what I selected as our everyday dinnerware, drinkware, and flatware. Adam left the rest of the registry up to me!

Favorite meal or holiday to entertain for?

Hanukkah, Xmas, and New Years parties. Basically, any holiday party in the months of Dec/Jan.

Favorite recipe to cook for your now hubs?
Eggplant lasagna. I actually just made this recipe last week using my Le Creuset casserole dish.

What was your first dance song?

Neil Young 'Harvest Moon'.

DJ or Band?

We went with a DJ and do not regret it one bit! I don't think having a band was really an option (bc of COVID).

Cook or order in (and what!)?

I love to do both, but if we are ordering in it's either SweetGreen (very boring) or Italian food. I love Olazzo.

Best piece of advice to a future couple planning during COVID-19. 

Remember the reason(s) you want to marry this person. When the big, luxurious wedding celebration you had envisioned isn't an option, you come back to what is most important... that you found the person you love and will get to spend the rest of your life with.

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