Streets of New York, London, Paris & Amsterdam (Set of 4)



For the minimalist who loves to travel, this  collection includes 4 of the top cities in the world.

INSIDE Streets of New York: More than 60 million people visit New York City each year. Every single traveler experiences the city in a unique way. There is no such thing as one New York. Streets of New York is a New York photo book that celebrates the Big Apple’s tremendous diversity by bringing together 40 contemporary photographers and their multiple perspectives on this unique metropolis.

INSIDE Streets of Amsterdam: is a contemporary take on MENDO’s home base, Amsterdam, captured by more than 40 photographers.

INSIDE Streets of Paris: As one of Europe’s most vibrant cities for art, fashion, and culture, it’s challenging to capture the multifaceted city of Paris from the perspective of one lens. Therefore, Streets of Paris bundles the work of 37 photographers, both Paris natives and visitors alike, who roam the thousands of Parisian “rues” to capture multiple points of view.

INSIDE Streets of London:  a contemporary take on the classic city photo book. To capture all the diversity that characterizes London, this volume features more than 40 contemporary photographers with equally varied perspectives and styles.


Hardcover. 11.3 x 8.66. 244 pages. Set of 4, New York, London, Paris & Amsterdam.

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