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Common Registry Questions

Is there a benefit to registering online as opposed to in a store?

The Internet has certainly changed the world with its ability to provide any service at the tip of your fingers. However, when it comes to a bridal registry it’s important to handle things the old fashion way – hit the store. A bridal consultant will become your best friend throughout your registry process, helping to build a registry that is designed specifically for you. Your personal bridal consultant is here to guide you so that you end up with a registry full of timeless and useful pieces that you need and love. While creating an online registry may be easier, consider the possibility that you will most likely end up with a number of things you may not have really needed or wanted.

How do I know how much to register for?

This is what we’re here for! We’ll help guide you every step of the way so that you have a complete registry. We recommend starting with the necessities and as gifts are purchased you can add in things you really want so that the registry is always full of options appealing to all guests.

My fiancé and I have different tastes. How should we handle our registry?

A relationship as well as a registry is all about compromise. Together, we’ll be able to design a registry that keeps all parties happy. An alternative: you handle the registry with him and mind and let him register for electronics and hardware supplies elsewhere, just an idea.

Is it possible to have too few inexpensive items on my registry?

Yes and no. Ideally, you should have an equal number of midrange and lower-cost items, then a smaller grouping of big-ticket ones. Take particular care when choosing the inexpensive pieces. Pick items that reflect your personality so friends on a budget feel as if they’re giving you something you’ll care about. If you already own less-costly items (every-day flatware, coffee cups, place mats), it’s perfectly acceptable to register for what you do need- expensive items. Friends or family members can band together to buy you one item- just be sure you make that wish clear.

What if I have limited space for gifts?

Request that presents be sent to loved ones with large basements. One day, you will have space.

How can I tell if a gift that has arrived is intended to be for my engagement, shower or wedding?

It’s all about timing. Gifts that arrive soon after you’ve announced your engagement are probably intended as engagement presents; towards the middle, as shower gifts; and close to or after the ceremony, as wedding gifts. But, for the purpose of thank-you notes, the occasion doesn’t really matter. Your note should reflect your relationship with the sender and your feelings about the gift, not the occasion it commemorated.

How do I let guests know where I’m registered?

Do not put this information on your invitation. Create and wedding website, your guests will check it. Additionally, rely on your maid of honor, best man, and parents to pass on the details to inquiring guests. It is however acceptable to list where you’re registered on the bridal shower invitations as it is typically thrown by friends.

Is there a deadline for thank-you notes?

The easiest way to handle thank-you notes is to jot and mail a card as soon as possible after receiving a gift. For those that are being sent to the home, write the note as you open the gifts. Penning hundreds of personal notes in one sitting is never a good idea so try to write them in stages. With that being said, keep in mind that if you’re swamped with responsibilities, etiquette dictates that you have a year to finish note-writing duties, just as guests have a year to give gifts.

Wedding Timeline

We know your to-do list just tripled overnight, don’t panic! We are here to help you. Review our timeline for some ease, not everything needs to be done immediately.

12-11 Months
While your absolute main priority right now is to celebrate with friends and family, consider registering a small amount of giftware items to start. We know, this sounds extremely soon. However, your closest friends and family are very excited for you and want to get you a gift they know you will love!

10-8 Months
Begin thinking about additional gift registry options. Take the time to browse and speak with a consultant to figure out what you need and want. It’s important to first register for all the things you need and once you’ve received those gifts, you can begin registering for all the things you want too!

Consider whom you’d like to make your bridesmaids and consider how you would like to ask them. Do not hesitate to ask our bridal consultant for help. We have lots of ideas and small gift items in the store to help make the experience extra special and memorable.

Begin looking at invitations for all events – Engagement, Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding.

Mail engagement party invitations at least eight weeks before engagement party.

7-6 Months
If you’re hosting an engagement party, make sure that you’ve begun your registry beforehand and that there are enough items on your registry with a budget for all guests. Have fun, but don’t forget to manage your thank you card list!

5-4 Months
Pass along your guest list to shower hostesses and check that your registry has enough items. It’s important to have someone at the shower (typically the Maid of Honor) write down the gifts and recipients as you open them, this makes writing the thank you notes much easier.

3-2 Months
Begin writing thank you notes for bridal showers and early wedding gifts, and be sure to update your registry at the same time.

Mail invitations at least eight weeks before your wedding day.

1 Month
Schedule the bridesmaids’ luncheon and purchase attendant gifts if you haven’t already. Again, utilize your bridal consultant for suggestions, we’re great at this!

After Wedding
Enjoy your honeymoon and worry about thank you notes when you return! Finally, check with your AnnSandra consultant to handle the registry completion program.

Bridal Tips to Follow

  • Set up a bridal registry shortly after getting engaged to eliminate confusion for friends and family.
  • Be selective and take your time, decisions do not need to be made overnight.
  • Invest in what you love and don’t settle for less
  • Add items that will satisfy all of your guests’ budgets for engagement, shower and wedding gifts
  • Make sure you and your partner’s tastes match
  • Register for what you need and work with your AnnSandra consultant to add as your top priority selections are purchased

We hope you enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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