Meet Artist/Designer Brian Stanziale. Brian brought his unique fashion experience to home decor and started the bms., a collection of bold coffee table books sure to bring a statement to any room. The books are all hand gilded with thumb tacks and the covers are backed, allowing for full access to the pages within. We spoke with Brian about how he got his start and his latest collaboration with us. We’re so excited to share it with you! 

What is the inspiration behind the bms.?

I’ve always been inspired by finding ways to look at something for a second time. There is so much in our world that just gets folded into the background. If I can make you stop and look at something, anything.. for a second time, I’ve done my job.

How does working with home decor compare to working in fashion?

There is a feeling of permanence with decor. Clothing is fun, but it's fleeting, it’s purchased on a whim. It can be coveted one moment and then handed down the next, and that's assuming it even makes its way out of your closet, but decor is different. People take a certain pride in their home. We’re kind of like the Pica Pica bird, we love to hoard shiny things and show them off we can’t help it!

What sparked the creation of your line?

Weed and idle hands syndrome...lol. But seriously, my taste level and my budget have never really seen eye to eye... that meant if I wanted nice things, it was on me to create them. That started with clothing, but as I was exposed to more design and art, I realized that home is the most amazing playground for a creative! Nothing is off limits!!

Are there any books that have a unique story connected to it worth sharing?

The first book that I made where you could actually open it. When I started, I was covering the books in glue and you couldn’t open them, they were basically paperweights. Cool, but you couldn’t read them!

 I came across this GORGEOUS first edition of Thomas Paines’ Rights Of Man...  It felt strange sealing such an important book closed, so I really had to find a creative way to tack the cover of the book while allowing you to still be able to open it.  With that evolution in the making of my books, it changed everything!

Do you have a favorite design from your collaboration with AnnSandra?

No. I like them all! And that's not lip service.. Tracy and I worked really hard to find books that we are truly excited about and really thought about graphics that would be fun and unexpected. I think we really did it! (He said humbly)

Can you tell us more about your shop Sloane in NYC?

Sloane was a once in a lifetime experience. It was a concept shop that I owned with my buddy Aaron (he ran the speakeasy/ lounge in the basement and also coordinated the underground male model boxing matches) and I ran the clothing store that was street level.  It was a massive space in the heart of Soho where I was able to not only design one of a kind clothing pieces, but also the entire store... It was unreal..  Whatever came to mind we could do. The store was a 3D Tetris board for a week where you were walking through floating shapes, there was a full size boxing ring in the shop for a few weeks as an installation, there was a 20 ft tornado I designed in the center of the store that was sucking in clothing and mannequins..  no limits.  It kind of became like a fashion community center stocked with cool clothings and interesting people.

What’s your favorite part of working with AnnSandra? 

Tracy. It’s always great working with someone who knows what they’re doing.  She has such a great understanding of their client and you can tell she really enjoys finding exciting pieces for them. 

We know you've navigated outside of coffee table books for commissioned pieces. Do you see yourself expanding more outside of coffee table books?

I don't think I’ll be fully satisfied until I can sit down on a couch I designed to sip a cocktail from one of my bms highball cocktail glasses, while taking in the sunset through my hand painted window treatments while the scent of my new candle (cabin fever) is gently wafting through the room.


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